Gelcoats and laminating, casting, and multi-purpose resins

Our systems for your applications

RAKU-TOOL® liquid materials offer you a wide range of innovative and efficient gelcoats and laminating, casting, and multi-purpose resins for various manufacturing processes, construction methods, and applications.

  • Laminating Systems

    RAKU-TOOL® laminating resins enable the production of lightweight, rigid (depending on the type of fiber) high-strength molds and components with or without gelcoat.

  • Prototyping Systems
    RAKU-TOOL® rapid prototyping systems are used for the fast manufacture of functional prototype parts and small batches.
  • Gelcoat Resins
    RAKU-TOOL® gelcoats can be used to achieve various surface properties.
  • Casting Resins

    RAKU-TOOL® casting resins can be used for full and face casting.

  • Infusion Systems
    RAKU-TOOL® infusion systems are used to impregnate dry fibers under pressure and in a vacuum.
  • Ancillaries
    RAKU-TOOL® ancillaries consist of mold sealers, release agents, and fillers.
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